Hi, my name is Viktoriya. I am 34 years of age. I am a copywriter; you can find more of my articles at I graduated with honors in the university.


 And now I take part in writing posts on the topic, which can be close to me and comfortable. Working day by day on this copywriting market, I sharpen my own writing ability and earn experience. When composing texts, clearly, I am aided by the knowledge obtained in two higher education associations. The primary one is technical, the second one is economic. I'm a copywriter since I would like it, because I'm interested in it!


 Composing a good text is hopeless without a bit of your soul, there is no way to do without creativity. And in case your work is appreciated and you're thanked for this and set the amount on your account - what could be improved! Copywriting, obviously, helps you to develop intellectual skills, as texts can be of different orientation and when composing them it is imperative to study certain materials.


 Financial problems, the opportunity to realize myself onto a qualitatively new level also have motivated me to switch into copywriting, and today I can say - I am a copywriter! At exactly the same time, my primary function in the real world isn't linked with the epistolary genre in any way, as I work as a technologist in a technical enterprise. So as to realize myself at a qualitatively new level, I enrolled in the trolling exchange over just six weeks ago and tried to compose texts, I liked it, I triumphed.


 I always write everywhere and under any conditions. Request why? Since I do not know how else to get it done, I do not know how to not write, not to create. How can you do that! For me creativity is an integral part of life, at times it's my air. Attempt to remove paper in the author. He'll write on cuffs. So am I. Take away my laptop, I will write on my mobile phone. A creative person cannot just live like that, he can't accept the concept that he's standing still. He always needs to get something, write something, write something, write something, proceed forward. That is what gives him confidence in himself, confidence later on. Confidence he is living! Everybody wants to leave a mark in existence! But unfortunately, not everybody is able to write. How do you learn this? You need to be born with this, it has to come from the interior, it has to be an urge, some kind of inner explosion, a dab, you can call it anything you desire! You won't write anything when it doesn't dawn on you, in case you do not get inspiration! Just because of him will you be in a position to write something. Maybe it will not necessarily be a masterpiece, but it will be, it will decrease in the history of your lifetime. It might be a poem or a small essay, however it's in this work that you will convey your mood or show a bit of your soul. Any creative work is a superb work, it is a very complex mental work. Such a job occasionally takes much more effort than an individual, by way of example, physical function. Copywriter is not a profession, copywriter is a means of life, it is a means of thinking! Maybe, for some folks, it is a work in which they don't put their spirit, but for others, it's a way of self-expression. It's self-development and self-explanatory! A copywriter is a creative and outstanding person who thinks differently, sees differently and lives otherwise! He lives for everybody and lives for himself, he also writes for everyone, but all he writes to himself. With his correspondence he resides he strives to get the very best, he wishes to be better and he would like to make it to the top. He'll reach it doesn't stop! I really don't quit, I go forward, but hard it could be sometimes! I'm composing, which means I live!